Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Don't Touch This Book! by Bill Cotter

Don't Touch This Book!Don't Touch This Book! by Bill   Cotter
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I grabbed this book from Sourcebooks for my 2 year old, and it's a cute one! We had just bought Don't Push the Button last week, and these books are really fun for the toddler age group.

I know it's not my usual genre, but every now and then I come across a fun book and want to share. :)

So in the same vein as Don't Push the Button, this book is about not touching the pages...until you're asked to touch the pages. It's fun and colorful and my 2 year old had a grand ol' time touching the tablet to "swirl" the colors.

Basically the monster Larry tells you to touch the page and when you turn it, the page has turned purple, or rainbow, or swirly. At one point you roar like a dinosaur, and on the next page you've "created" a dinosaur! It's good fun.

The only thing I will say about it, is that it works better as a hardcover. On my tablet, the pages would turn if we touched them and swirled. But it's easy enough to just swipe back.

So, yeah, if you've got little ones, or know someone with littles, it's a fun and cute book.

***ARC courtesy of Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

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